Hatta Wadi Hub Activities

Rope Course

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A new multipurpose adventure ropes course catering to both children and adults will be the latest addition to the exciting range of activities and experiences at Hatta Wadi Hub and will open to the public with the new season.


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Archery, a favorite sport of the UAE, can be enjoyed at a specially built zone featuring five lanes and a target distance of 10-m. This is exciting for every skill level, from the first-time archer to the most experienced.

Axe Throwing

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Another first in the UAE and the region, the axe throwing experience is run by experts in charge of training guests on safety and accuracy. Guests spend half an hour becoming intimate with 680g. of a piece of whirling wood and metal as they learn, practice and finally square off on the leaderboard.

Big Plunge

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A large trampoline for adults to let their inner child jump free. This is guaranteed to leave you laughing so much, you won’t want to stop.


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This exhilarating experience involves a catapult that is designed to achieve speeds of nearly 100-km/hour for thrill-seekers who want more than bungee jumping. Unlike a bungee, which involves a free fall and rebound, the human slingshot pushes guests straight out in one direction before dropping them.

Wall Climbing

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A specially constructed climbing wall has recessed and projecting holds to provide practice in rock climbing. Attached to the back of the main zip-line tower, the climbing wall features 4-5 lanes with varying difficulty levels for guests of all ages.

Small Plunge

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Jump for joy with our trampoline net for kids. Bounce with friends and challenge yourself to stay on your feet!

Net Walkway

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Walk through the Wadi on suspended footbridges. The canopy creates fun lookouts over natural sites allowing users to look down as they are suspended midair. A relaxing way to appreciate Hatta’s natural beauty.

Twin Zipline

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The most unique attraction from the top of the hill straight to the activity centre. The level of difficulty is low, but the view is breath-taking. Buckle up and glide over the wadi with a friend in our Twin 350-metre zip-line.

Football Zorbing

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The newest craze for energetic mindsets. We place our players into giant inflatable ‘hamster balls’ covering the upper body and head only leaving the legs to run free, transforming the game into something spectacular as you bump into your friends and roll around with laughter. A great form of exercise for those looking to try something different.


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With our dual tracks for first-timers and experienced ‘zorbers’, this is an attraction like no other. Rolling down the hill in a giant plastic ball is exhilarating, unexpected and completely crazy. If you only do one adventure while you visit Hatta Wadi Hub – this is it! Expect the unexpected - and if you’re feeling extra adventurous ask the team to allow your friend along with you – it’s beyond your imagination.

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